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By Young Performer John Filmanowicz who plays Wilbur

We started our performances of CHARLOTTE’S WEB last week and I’m having a great time doing shows for both schools and the public. The cast is doing great and the show turned out fantastic! It’s such a great story to be a part of, and it’s an awesome experience working with everybody in the show.

I also really like finally getting to wear my costume. I have a huge stomach and a cool pair of pink converse all stars. All of the costumes look great, but my favorite is probably Uncle the pig’s costume. It’s an obnoxiously large hairy pig suit with a huge snout, and it’s hilarious. It is definitely a huge crowd pleaser.

Not only are the costumes awesome, the set is also incredible. The web is amazing and I’m so jealous of Charlotte because she gets to climb up there almost the whole show. The rest of the set is a classic barn, hay bales and all. There is also a rope in the corner of the stage that a few characters get to swing on. Another very cool part of the set is Templeton the rat’s trap doors. He has three of them and is constantly popping in and out for entrances and exits. It adds a very nice dimension to the show.

Now that the practices are over, it’s all fun and games from here on out! I hope you come and see CHARLOTTE’S WEB at First Stage!

Photo: (left to right) John Filmanowicz as Wilbur talking to Templeton played by Todd Denning

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