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4:28 PM

From Director Jeff Frank: GRETEL!

An ouroboros symbol represents the cycle of time.   First Stage has had a long-standing commitment to the development of new educational...
4:07 PM

A Celebratory Family Affair!

When my husband and I had young children, First Stage was a young organization. As the organization's plays and programs g...
3:49 PM

Fall in love with GRETEL!

First Stage’s Foundry Stage Series forges the future of theater through emerging plays, artists, and engaging experiences. This series has b...
3:48 PM

L-O-V-E for our MPS Partnership

Recognizing the intrinsic educational value of exposing young people to theater, First Stage has offered programming to Milwaukee Public Sch...
3:46 PM

Love Letters

First Stage values hearing from and listening to all the voices that make up our community—and it truly makes our heart go pitter-patter whe...
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