Get to know John and Seth, playing Joey in JACKIE AND ME

by Jordan Calgaro
John Brotherhood, of Mequon, and Seth Horne, of Wauwatosa, play the lead role of Joey Stoshack in First Stage’s upcoming production of JACKIE AND ME. Both 14 years old, John and Seth have been acting for years and have learned many lessons from their role in this show.

John Brotherhood, Joey in the Monarch Cast

John has been involved with First Stage since he started with the theater academy at age five. Seth has been performing for about four years and debuted at First Stage three years ago.  A love of acting is something they both share; becoming a character and telling messages through storytelling. “My favorite part of performing is at the end of the show when you see the audience smiling and you know that they have enjoyed the show,” Seth said. Similarly, John loves being on stage and finding energy in the silence from the audience, knowing that they are engaged and captivated. “To me, that is something that never gets old. It reminds me that the audience is being taken on the journey of the show,” John added.
With many past roles in numerous shows, Seth and John are not new to First Stage. “My favorite thing about First Stage is the opportunity to get up on a professional stage and perform,” said Seth. “I love meeting adult actors and I love meeting the new kids in the plays.” John has found First Stage to be a place to grow artistically and personally. “For me, First Stage has stayed true to its motto. I have grown as an actor and as a person,” John shared. 
Seth Horne, Joey in the Dodger Cast
Through their role as Joey in JACKIE AND ME, both Seth and John have not only continued to learn and develop acting skills, but they have also learned about the life of Jackie Robinson, his racial barriers and the difficulties and prejudices that came from that. Seth has enjoyed learning about acting and becoming a character. John has enjoyed learning from the show’s subject matter. “The story shows people of my generation how different our society was back then and how far we have come in our relationships with each other,” he said.
According to John, “JACKIE AND ME is a story that everyone, particularly our generation should see!”
Young Joey Stoshack is a headstrong boy with the unique power to travel through time by way of a baseball card. When assigned to write a report on a legendary African-American, Joey travels to New York City in the year 1947 to meet one of history’s greatest baseball players, Jackie Robinson. Through his adventures, Joey witnesses Jackie’s dedication and determination during this turbulent time of segregation. Embark on this uplifting journey that forever changes Joey’s definition of courage, and unites generations through the history and enthusiasm for America’s pastime.

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