WITNESS: Meet the characters

2:58 PM
Meet some of the characters in WITNESS by watching this video.



Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to see this play with my 9 year old son and his classmates. We both were touched by the story and had many conversations about what it must have been like to have lived during that time. I applaude the actors- you all did a great job!!
I will definately encourage others to see this play.

Anonymous said...

Krazy Kid Productions...Wrote...

I was fortunate enough to see this play with my school (Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts). I was touched at how good the actors were. Everything was amazing. I though that I went back to the 1920's and WITNESSed it myself. It was a very heartful play. It was very realistic. The play touched on alot of basic things that used to happen a long time ago. I'm glad that America has grown. I'm glad that I seen that play. I think everyone should see the play. This play was just as good as The Watson's Go to Birmingham.

First Stage Children's Theater said...

Krazy Kid Productions...we're so glad you enjoyed the show - it's a moving piece for us here at First Stage too! Thanks for attending.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to see your show

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