The magic of Theater

12:07 PM
By marketing manager Elizabeth Krumnow, photos by actor Beth Mulkerron

Here at the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center there often are times when multiple shows are in rehearsal. Take yesterday for example. Artistic Director Jeff Frank is busy directing THE DINOSAUR PLAY, THE NEVERENDING STORY and the multi-cultural assembly tour LINCOLN AT GETTYSBURG. Imagine for a moment if these worlds all came together - kind of like time travel at First Stage!

Well, it did happen and actor Beth Mulkerron was there to capture it on film. See below, actor Bo Johnson who plays Abraham Lincoln visiting the set of THE DINOSAUR PLAY with actor Alison Mary Forbes who plays an Apatosaurus and director Jeff Frank. Only in the magic of theater can these worlds all come together, and it's kind of funny too! The best part is seeing a dinosaur drinking Starbucks.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to "The Never Ending Story" I wonder if the dinosoar also plays the part of Falcor!

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