9:24 AM
By Young Performer Steven Long who plays Bastian in the Imagination Cast

Since the moment tech week began and I stepped onto the stage at the Todd Wehr Theater, all that has been going through my head has revolved around THE NEVERENDING STORY, whether it’s a line I could say differently or a movement I want to change. Tech week flew by, and now, it seems as though the last two weeks of performances have gone by in a flash. Hopefully the rest of them won’t.

No matter how many performances we have, there’s always a big jolt of excitement when you hear your cue and step out onto the stage at the top of the show. The number of people in the audience doesn’t matter—it’s just fun to be performing with so many talented people. I could fill a book with all the tips I’ve picked up on how not to break during a scene, how to successfully memorize lines, how to be safe during a fight scene, and many others that I’m sure will be beneficial not only now but in future productions. As Bastian, sitting patiently and pretending to read my book requires every ounce of strength I have—I so badly want to get up and run around on the giant, spiraling set that the designers clearly put so much time into.

And now, with a remake of the 1984 movie due out in 2012, it seems like everybody has heard about THE NEVERENDING STORY, whether it’s the book, the play, or the movie; and I feel that’s how it should be.

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