HOW I BECAME A PIRATE: early stages

11:19 AM
From the Rehearsal Stage Manager, Kathi K. Koenig

I had a fantastic time working on HOW I BECAME A PIRATE, Director John Maclay brings a very supportive energy to the rehearsal process and it was a treat to work with such a creative cast. Though the stage manager is always the note keeper, constantly writing down where the actors move and what they are saying – it is a different kind of challenge when working on a world premiere.

One of the exciting things about new plays is watching them evolve through the rehearsal process. Lines are added and cut, we might have a good idea in rehearsal that the playwrights love or don’t love or run with and change into an entirely new scene. It is a constantly growing thing including the growing pains, but through it all, we are working together towards an honest story that our audiences will enjoy. Maybe, when they’re not even looking – they might learn something in the process!

I am very proud of HOW I BECAME A PIRATE and hope that as many people as possible get a chance to see the maiden voyage of this creation. Although I’m sure the play will be done a lot in the future – you’ll never have this same collection of talents, particularly the musical talents.

I have a great memory of sitting in our technical rehearsals while the lighting designer was creating a particular scene and Bo Johnson started playing and singing a little to pass the time, pretty soon everyone on stage had joined in and we had a very entertaining little jam session on the pirate ship! I guess maybe sometimes at work, people really do spontaneously break into song!

Photo by John Deighton Hemingway: the Bucko Cast of HOW I BECAME A PIRATE on the Pirate Ship

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