HOW I BECAME A PIRATE: from the Director

3:15 PM
Here's just some of the thoughts Director John Maclay has about HOW I BECAME A PIRATE:

How I Became A Pirate was one of the first books that I read to my son and it has become a staple in our reading list. As we now bring the story to life for your enjoyment I hope that, upon leaving the theater, the tunes stay with you and you remember a few good laughs. I hope that you, like Jeremy Jacob, can escape your troubles for an hour or so and enjoy a Pirate adventure. I hope that you can revel in a child’s imagination and ability to create a world around him. But most important I hope you see that HOW I BECAME A PIRATE shows us that adventures have their place – but in the end it really is good, always good, to be home.

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