HOW I BECAME A PIRATE: love of acting

3:57 PM
By young performer Austin Zdziarski who plays Jeremy Jacob in the Arrgh cast of HOW I BECAME A PIRATE

First Stage has been an amazing opportunity for me. It is a bigger challenge than other plays that I’ve been in at church and through the local Parks & Recreation Department. It’s really fun to get advice from older adult actors and get to be in a professional show! It’s also great to meet other kids who like to act as much as I do. I love how all the people are so nice and supportive of everyone and their ideas.

I like the feeling when you act for people’s enjoyment and entertainment and they clap and applaud you. I also like being a role model for other kids who like to act just as much as I do. It’s really neat when they say things like “I want to be just like you.”

Being in First Stage has been difficult and I’ve had to sacrifice a lot of my time. I have to work around my school schedule and other things like my little league baseball schedule, church and playing with my friends. But it’s totally worth it because I really enjoy it.

If you like to act and learn more about First Stage, you should do what I did – attend the First Stage Theater Academy and workshops and tryout for everything. You may not always get picked, but you should keep trying. If you do, someday you could be in a big production like HOW I BECAME A PIRATE!

Watch Austin as Jeremy Jacob in this video here.

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