Thank You Volunteers

4:13 PM
By marketing manager Elizabeth Krumnow

National Volunteer week is April 19 - 25. Here at First Stage we have some of the best volunteers! Special thanks to Patrick Schley, Brandon Campbell, Sarah Lowendick, our ushers and so many other wonderful people who have taken the time to volunteer for First Stage Children's Theater.

Below is an email our House Manager, Mike Warren wrote about his Marcus Center volunteers on Christmas morning before the final performance of Harry Connick, Jr.'s THE HAPPY ELF and we feel it accurately reflects about how we feel towards all of our volunteers.

"It's Christmas morning and I'm waiting for the rest of the family to wake up.

While I'm sitting here thinking about the things I need to do to close out THE HAPPY ELF, I'm reminding myself that I'm one person. Which brings me to a new thought.

Because I'm one person I can't be everywhere at once. Thanks for being the one who was.

Thanks for being the person who did the repetitive task, even though it was new for your guest.

Thanks for being the one who showed another how to do things.

Thanks for being the one who made sure the programs were stuffed, moved to position and distributed to our guests.

Thanks for the reminders. (Yes, we do need a cash box and someone needs to sell cookies at the front table.)

Thanks for seating everyone.

Thanks for greeting everyone.

Thanks for treating everyone like they're an important person - from 4 to 94.

Thanks for helping thousands of people who have not experienced First Stage like you and I do.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and wisdom of First Stage with so many people who are new to us.

Thanks for working as a team, and thanks for working alone.

Thanks for the coffee cups. (I think were good now)

Thanks for making the difference you made for every person who walked in the door.

Thanks for the smiles, and the laughter, and the joy and excitement you brought every time you came in the door.

Thanks for decorating the lobby with me.

There's a lot of work to be done to make our guests experience a pleasant one, thanks for doing it.

I am more grateful to you than you might realize, that words could never fully express.

All I can say is "Thank You!"


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