Photo of Director Jeff Frank in horrid Vikings jersey, courtesy of Karyn Sobczak.

Herdmans, baby angels, costumers, set designers, stage managers, and lots of other integral members of the production crowded into Conservatory Hall yesterday for the first rehearsal of THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER. Director Jeff Frank lost a football bet this week and was forced to begin rehearsals by ceremoniously donning a Vikings jersey. It was traumatic for all witnesses with the exception of Todd Denning, winner of the bet.

Frank talked about the set, lighting, costumes, and music, all which draw inspiration from the tubular and awesome 1980s. "On the one hand this story takes place at a time when big hair bands, neon colors, and the romantic punk movement captured the exuberance of the era. Juxtapose that culture with the very simple story of disadvantaged kids who stumble upon the meaning of Christmas and it becomes a very special show." said Frank.

Frank then treated the group to a sampling of the soundtrack. Billy Idol, Wham!, Sinead O'Connor, and Journey drew oohs and ahhs from those in attendance who remember the 80s, for better or for worse. Frank vowed that this production would be "The best BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER!"


Anonymous said...

I bet he's secretly a Vikings fan in disguise!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go back to the 80s this holiday season! Big hair, leg warmers, and new wave here we come :)

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