Young performer Grace Becker shares her experience

11:28 AM
Grace Becker, far right, as "Becky" in ALEXANDER.  Photo by Mark Frohna

Before First Stage, I had only done work in community theaters, so I really didn’t know what to expect. When I walked into the room for the meet and greet at MYAC, I spilled someone’s soda and tripped on my chair. But nobody got mad at me. On the same day, I started to make the friends that I would have for the next 2 months. Everyone, including the professionals, were so welcoming!

During the next month, we really got to work. Those 4 hours of the day when we had music rehearsals became the time I looked forward to. Our director, Jeff Frank, and choreographer, Molly Rhode, helped us get across the character that they wanted. Of course, we can’t forget Paul Helm, our music director. The great songs and harmonies that you hear in the show are all his work.

By the time the week of April 4th came along, the Young Performers were getting closer and closer. This was tech week, and Jeff reminded us that this was the time when everyone doing the electronics did their part of the show, because ours was pretty much ready. We were able to explore the set, backstage, and our dressing rooms. This was really a fun time for us because it felt so real- we were really doing professional theater!

Opening night was nerve-racking. We knew we were ready—we were just anxious to get out on stage! Once we were out there, we gave the show our all and had a really successful opening night!

Even though we do the show over and over again, I never get bored doing it. I know that my First Stage Family provides friends that I’ll have forever!

Grace Becker, 11, attends fifth grade at St. Boniface in Germantown. She enjoys singing, spending time with family, and acting.

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Anonymous said...

You Rock Grace!!!!!!!
I will shure miss you when the show is over!!!
All the best,

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