Spit Takes at First Stage

2:22 PM
This morning, First Stage Academy students practised the fine art of spit takes.  When well executed, the spit take cannot be underestimated for eliciting a laugh.    Teacher Bo Johnson explained that the spit take is a comedic technique that requires a 'spitter' and a 'taker'.  Typically, the 'taker' says something while the 'spitter' is drinking.  The 'spitter' reacts so strongly to the taker's remark that there is an explosion of liquid on the 'taker'.  The technique has been attributed to Danny Thomas, and is used regularly by Jon Stewart, Sarah Silverman, and other comedians who are comfortable with slapstick.

 Here is a top notch example of a classic spit take:

Here is a slideshow of our students, practising "slow burn spit takes" on each other.  The slow-burn version of the spit take requires more finesse and restraint.  When the 'taker' is spit upon, he or she reacts more quietly and with more intensity, so that the audience senses anger, not surprise.  The students worked hard, spraying sparkling jets of water under the hot sun.  The grass out front will not need watering this week.

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