RED PEPPER JELLY spices up the day for Academy students

10:07 PM
From left to right, Raeleen McMillian, John Nicholson, and Susan Nicholson of RED PEPPER JELLY.  First Stage photo.
Nothing like a little mountain music in the middle of the day to get your toes tapping.  Recently, First Stage Theater Academy students enjoyed a sampling of music, songs and poetry performed by three members of RED PEPPER JELLY.  Raeleen McMillian, Susan Nicholson, and John Nicholson toted fiddles, guitars, banjos, and a mandolin to the Youth Arts Hall for a short session of harmonious melodies and humorous verses.  The students lapped up the unique RED PEPPER JELLY sound, which is part celtic, part bluegrass.  And why wouldn't they.  Truth be told, most Milwaukee kids haven't been exposed to old-time Appalachian music, especially performed so beautifully by musicians who also happen to be teachers in the Academy.  Lucky kids.

RED PEPPER JELLY includes Raeleen McMillian, Susan Nicholson, John Nicholson, Ericka Kreutz, and Jennifer Rupp.  Ms. McMillian will be performing select RED PEPPER JELLY material at the Skylight's "Cabaret in the Park" on Tuesday, August 17th.  Click here for more information.    

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