To memorize or not to memorize...

2:46 PM
By Meaghan Morrissey, First Stage Children's Theater

... that is the question for fifteen Young Company students who will be performing Shakespearean monologues as part of the Bard-o-thon fundraiser this Saturday, September 18, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center.

Proceeds from the Bard-o-thon fundraiser will go towards the Young Company trip to the national Utah Shakespeare Competition in early October.

At the Bard-o-thon, students will perform as many memorized Shakespearean monologues in a row as possible.  Sponsorships or pledges are on a 'per monologue' basis, and many students hope to perform at least ten consecutive monologues, which is nearly the equivalent of an entire Shakespeare play!

To sponsor a Young Company member in the Bard-o-thon, or to make a donation, please contact Meaghan Morrissey at or (414) 267-2937.  Please provide the name of the student you’d like to sponsor and your contribution per monologue performed (ex: $10/monologue). Sponsors will be contacted after the Bard-o-thon to arrange payment.

Young Company members attending the Utah Shakespeare Competition include Kelley Annesley, Allie Babich, Kyle Connor, Emily Daly, Kira Gaudynski, Garret Hansen, Kieran Kane, Gretchen Mahkorn, Haley Olig, Eric Schabla, Rachel Schmeling, Emmy Tisdel, Laura Troshynski, Kelly Venable, and Anna Wolfe.

The Young Company is First Stage Theater Academy's advanced, pre-professional actor training program for high school students.

Young Company students at the 2008 Utah Shakespeare Competition. 
First Stage Children's Theater photo

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