The nursery window is ajar and the night sky beckons...

By Mithra Ballesteros, First Stage Children's Theater

Photo of Jordan Horne as Peter and Paris Karstedt as Wendy by Mark Frohna.

Over one hundred years ago, around the time that the Wright Brothers propelled themselves over a beach in North Carolina, Peter Pan took flight on a stage in London.  Today, the story of the boy who refused to grow up still pulls us in and the reason hasn't changed.  Peter Pan exists in a magical realm where time has no power and childhood goes on and on.  We who pay our taxes and shovel snow off cars know what it is to wish ourselves small again.  We're wistful for that age when our problems matched our stature, when the world was divided into easily understood halves of those who were with us and those who were against us.

We yearn for Peter's freedom, but it is Wendy we understand.  Although her time in Neverland is cathartic and empowering, Wendy returns to her home, resuming her role of daughter to a woman who loves fully and deeply.  Wendy chooses adulthood.  Deep down, the prospect of complex and meaningful relationships has greater sway for her than an eternity of carefree innocence.

So here is our invitation:  for the Peters out scampering in the leaves, come join the fight against these scurvy pirates and their nasty captain, for they are a formidable enemy.  For all the Wendys in the world, set aside the homework or the checkbook.  The nursery window is ajar for the next few weeks at the Todd Wehr Theater and we welcome you to step through it and journey back.  Life will still be waiting when you return.

PETER PAN AND WENDY opens tomorrow night at the Todd Wehr Theater and runs through November 14, 2010.  Tickets begin at $11.50.  Click here to learn more.

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Anonymous said...

I have chills. This is beautifullly written and I can't wait to see the show!

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