Snap! This fairy has gumption!

McKinley Carter as the Blue Fairy and fairies-in-training from the Whale Cast. Photo by Mark Frohna.
The talented McKinley Carter, who brings spunk and substance to the role of the Blue Fairy in First Stage's holiday production MY SON PINOCCHIO, talks about the difference between her character and the animated Blue Fairy in the original Disney film.

First Stage: What do you remember about the Blue Fairy?
Ms. Carter: I remember the Blue Fairy mainly for her dress. I was about seven when I saw the Disney film and that Blue Fairy was beautiful. She could do anything!

First Stage: How has the Blue Fairy evolved?
Ms. Carter: She's got a little more kick to her, a little more pizazz, a sense of humor. She becomes a little bit more like your everyday person. She's more identifiable.

First Stage: What about the fairies-in-training?
Ms. Carter: Yes, it's not just the Blue Fairy -- she's got power backing her up in the form of four fairies-in-training. I like that! She and the fairies-in-training do these funny things and play some tricks and have some funny comebacks.

Fairies-in-training from the Donkey Cast. Photo by Mark Frohna.

First Stage: So you like this version?
Ms. Carter: Definitely! Coming in and playing an iconic character like the Blue Fairy is fun. This version is more successful than the Blue Fairy that I grew up with who was most memorable for her pretty dress.

Click here to listen to McKinley Carter's beautiful rendition of the classic song When You Wish Upon a Star.

Disney's MY SON PINOCCHIO runs through December 26th at the Todd Wehr Theater. Tickets begin at $13.50. Click here to purchase.

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