MISS NELSON IS MISSING! - Audience Feedback!

First Stage concludes its 24th season with an upbeat, musical adaptation of MISS NELSON IS MISSING! through June 5, 2011 at the Todd Wehr Theater, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. 

This show is based on the popular children's book by Harry Allard and James Marshall... have seen it?  How did you and your family like the show?

Here's what some of our audience members had to say:

My 2 kids LOVED the show. It was the first thing my daughter told her first grade class about today at school. Well done!!! :) - Nikki via Facebook

Saw the show tonight - LOVED IT!  ...  The set was amazing, actors were awesome, story is excellent. Once again - GREAT JOB First Stage. Can't wait for next year's productions! - Victoria via Facebook

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Anonymous said...

FS family I wanted to share this email I got from a good friend. She saw Alyssa in the Wiz with her son last year and loved the show. The performances continue to impress so many & touch these kids lives. Thank you!

"Thank you for introducing us to First Stage!  I just took my niece Olivia to the play Miss Nelson is Missing and she loved it (they sang Happy Birthday to her and everything) & I just ordered my season tickets for 11/12 season!!!"


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