He's Back!

Back in 1992, when the Theater Academy was in its infancy, Tyne Turner (Academy Director, 1992-94) taught the Classic Scene Studies class now known as Shakespeare.  In the first years of the Academy there were six classes that students attended at the PAC (now the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts).  They consisted of Classic Scene Studies, Contemporary Scene Studies, Movement, Voice & Speech, Improvisation and Theater Games.  Among the staff Michael Warren served as the Academy Administrator, Ron Anderson taught Movement and was the Assistant Academy Director, Gary Glasgow was our Voice & Speech Teacher, Deanne Phillips taught Improvisation, Raeleen McMillion served us in Theater Games, and Brian Mani directed Contemporary Scene Studies. 
And then there was this other guy.  He was always there, but never taught a class.  He wasn’t a student and some of us learned a lot from him.  He often slept through classes, but never slept through lunch.  And sometimes he could be a bit of a distraction.  You’d think after his record in those early years his career with First Stage might be over, but no, he’s back at the Academy at the Oconomowoc Arts Center (OAC) as a Teacher’s Assistant. 
For the last two weeks Teddy Warren (Tyne Turner and Mike Warren’s son) has been working with a group of students in all of their classes at the OAC.  He’s helped them with their Musical Theater, Shakespeare & Voice, Improv, and Acting & Movement classes every day since June 20, 2011. 
Teddy was born into the Academy.  In 1992, Tyne and Mike actually had to take a couple of days off of the registration and orientation process for his birth.  And every day, in those early years, Teddy would attend the Academy.  First in a basket, then in a backpack, and meandering in on his own – so we’ve excused his behaviors in those early years and recognize the fact that Teddy has grown up in the Academy to be a fine leader and teaching assistant.  In those early days, Teddy would be exhausted at the end of the day, and fall asleep in the car on the way home.  He still does that, and he’s still looking over his mama’s shoulder.

By Michael Warren


Jen said...

This brought back many good memories of my early days at firststage- good to see such a great program still going strong! thanks for everything you guys do!

Mithra Ballesteros said...

Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.

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