The Hartnett Whos

I’m so happy to be in the Blue Fish cast of SEUSSICAL with my brother and my sister! I’m the oldest of the Hartnett Whos. My younger brother, Liam, my younger sister, Bryn and I all have the opportunity to share this experience together. Last year, I was in MY SON PINOCCHIO with Bryn, and I got to know her on a level I never would have thought possible. This show is a great way to become closer to my brother and sister. 
Bryn, Liam and Kirian Hartnett

I started performing in second grade, and was in my first show in third grade. Liam was in his first show in first grade, and Bryn’s was in first grade as well. My family moved to Milwaukee in 2007, and we became involved with First Stage Theater Academy about a year later. I personally did not find out about how to audition for a main stage show until last year. The three of us tried out, and each of us got into a show. I played Mother Fox and Bryn played Sue in MY SON PINOCCHIO, and Liam was in MISS NELSON IS MISSING! as Billy.  At the end of the season, the three of us were called back to be in SEUSSICAL, and I consider it a blessing that we all got in the same show.

All three of us agree that being in a First Stage show is an amazing experience. It gives kids a glimpse of what it’s like to work as a professional actor, and young performers get to meet some really fantastic people! We get to make memories to hold with us forever and create long lasting friendships. Being a high school student, I sometimes find it hard missing school for shows, but because I love what I’m doing so much, and I want to keep going, I stay on top of my work. Bryn and Liam at first found the choreography challenging, but with lots of practice, they’ve both come a long way.
My family has always loved this show. My mom was Mrs. Mayor in 2006 when we lived in Illinois. Liam played Horton, Bryn played Jojo, and I assistant directed Suessical Jr. this past summer. But there’s something special about the way first stage interprets the show. It has beautiful harmony, crazy dances, colorful costumes, and the audience has just as much fun as the actors do while they’re on stage! We hope you come to the show to experience the wonderful world of Seuss!

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