by Jillian Toyad
When SEUSSICAL ran at the beginning of the season,
First Stage collected BIG THINKS for this reason;
To know what our audience dreams, wishes and aspires-
Change the world? Be great? – First Stage inquires!

Here are some favorites we pulled from the lot,
We thank all of you for every single THINK we got;
We love the support! By gosh, you’re amazing!
Thanks for giving us reasons to never stop entertaining.
-          to make a difference in my society
-          to put solar panels in the deserts of Phoenix
-          to pick up garbage in lakes
-          to create a car that runs on air and cleans the air it goes through
-          to help people who do not have a home
-          to help my children grow healthy and strong (Mom)
-          World peace!
-          people to tell people “I Love You” every minute
-          for everyone to get along because the world would be better
-          programs for young adults that go beyond the age of Big Brothers + Sisters program to mentor through High School upper-grades and into college
-          for experienced young performers to go out to the elderly population and inter-generational places like St. Anne’s to showcase their life and stage skills
-          for First Stage to go to every school and teach kids about performing arts
-          for First Stage to partner with urban, true inner-city schools like MPT Townsend who have no funds or parents to pay for field trips
-          for First Stage to have kids write a play about a new way to educate kids and make us a smarter city
-          for First Stage to tour schools and entertain
-          to get my school a Six Flags
-          to build a secret lab in my room only for me and my stuffed animals
-          to be able to walk on the street and have people know who I am
-          to become a world equestrian Olympian champion, , start a dog show business and jump 3ft on Wally (a horse) by Spring 2012
-          to be in a First Stage play
-          to fly
-          to be a MLB baseball player
-          to play in the NBA
-          to go to school all the time
Do you have a BIG THINK that you would like add? Have you made your BIG THINK happen? Share with us by commenting on the post! We’d love to hear more BIG THINKS from you!
"Oh the thinks you can think! Think and wonder and dream far and wide as you dare!
When your thinks have run dry, in the blink of an eye, there's another think there!"

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