Interviews with Skylar Cranfield and Garrett Kim from the Frappuccino Cast of DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS!

11:24 AM
by: Kelsey Lauren
After a 52 performances to sold-out audiences, First Stage is about to close its run of DON’T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS on February 12. Many families both returning and new to First Stage have enjoyed seeing author Mo Willems’ classic characters come to life on stage.

After watching and enjoying a show, have you ever wanted to talk to the actors? Have you ever wondered who they are outside of the roles they play in shows? Since our talkbacks after a performance last only a few minutes , we thought we would ask the Frappuccino Cast more about the characters, the process of creating the show, and what the interests of the actors are outside of the world of the play. So, before Pigeon drives the bus away this weekend , we sat down for a chat with Skylar Cranfield, Duck, and Garrett Kim, Pigeon and asked a few fun questions! .

First Stage: What is your favorite part about being in a play at First Stage?
Skylar as the Pigeon

Skylar: That I get to have an amazing experience on a stage with amazing actors. I also LOVE that we randomly break into song and automatically know the dances! It's SO MUCH FUN!
Garrett: My favorite part is the environment we get to work in. We have a lot of fun because everyone here is kind and collaborative, and that kind of positive environment helps make our shows so great!

First Stage: What is your favorite part about being in an interactive show?
Garrett enjoying time with the kids in the audience!
Skylar: I like that Pigeon actually personally asks kids questions and they get to answer for themselves. It makes the kids feel good that there actually talking to "the" Pigeon..:) It's like the kids are in the play with us. It's good that they have a lot of fun, just like us!
Garrett: Most definitely the kids. They certainly keep us on our toes and make every show extremely different!

First Stage: What is it like to perform with professional actors?
Skylar and Garrett acting with AEA member, Chris Feireisen.

Skylar: It is AMAZING! They are so nice and good people. We're like a big happy family, and I love them. They give me great advice that makes each of my performances better.
Garrett: It's awesome because here at First Stage, the young performers are treated pretty much like the professionals, not as little kids or whatnot. Plus, Chris is hysterical and still a child at heart, so it's definitely easy to work with him.

First Stage: When double casted in a show, can you tell me what the rehearsal process is like?
Skylar: I think it's really interesting that both casts get the same script, but that each person has their own unique way of making the lines theirs. Its really fun to watch a play where you already know all of the words!
Garrett: It's very nice in a condensed rehearsal process like this because you can watch someone else do what you'll have to do, and both actors make discoveries and mistakes that help the other one out. Being double-cast also challenges you to give the same lines, blocking, and choreography your own spin.

First Stage: What will you miss most about playing your character?
Skylar and AEA member, Chris Feireisen on the bus.

Skylar: The thing I am gonna miss about my character is actually acting like a duck. With my best friends being a Pigeon and a Bus Driver. It's so fun! I also love my costume. My feathers are CRAZY COOL, and I absolutely ADORE my big round glasses!
Garrett: Onstage, I'll miss listening to the kids (who are already so excited to see this) shout things at inappropriate times and laugh and clap along. Offstage, I'll miss all the silliness with Skylar and Chris.

First Stage: What are you interested in outside of the theater world?
Skylar: I love to write, whether it's a book or in my diary. I also love reading. When I read, I get sucked into the book and become part of that world. That world is AMAZING!
Garrett: I enjoy reading and food. At my school, I'm Student Senate president, and I'm taking a bunch of AP classes.

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