Interview with the Kindler Brothers from the Boogie Woogie Cast of DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER AND A FLY

By Jenny Loeffler

After a very successful run of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, First Stage is about to open DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER AND A FLY this Friday, April 13.

A masterful fusion of excitement and education, this adventure is as delightfully absurd and joyously playful as the wildly popular book series. Who ever thought that we could learn so much about ourselves by looking in on the lives of a non-arthropod, an arachnid, and an insect? Walk alongside the worm, the spider, and the fly as they learn to overcome many of the same life challenges that we face and emerge with a better understanding – and appreciation – for who they are.

We had the opportunity to interview two of the young performers and real-life brothers, Thomas and Benjamin Kindler, and ask them about what it’s like to perform with First Stage and be in DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER AND A FLY.

How long have both of you been involved in theater?

Thomas: Since I was 9 years old and in the third grade.
Benjamin (pictured left): I was in my first play when I was 8 years old!

What other shows have you been in?

Thomas: I played Dill Harris in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (Milwaukee Repertory Theater), Grandpa Joe in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, and Oliver Warbucks in ANNIE, JR. At First Stage, I played Alexander in ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY and Gregory in MISS NELSON IS MISSING.

Benjamin: I played the Scarecrow in THE WIZARD OF OZ, the Genie in ALADDIN, JR., and Gaston in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, JR. with Brookfield Elementary Players. I also appeared in the children’s choir for JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT at Brookfield Central High School.

Which role has been your favorite?

Thomas: Dill Harris in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater.
Benjamin: My most recent role – Gaston in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, JR.

What role do you have in DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER AND A FLY?

Thomas: I play the role of Ant #6.
Benjamin: I’m Ant #1.

What is your favorite thing about performing at First Stage?

Thomas: All that great friends I have made!
Benjamin: Everyone is super nice.
What have you learned from your involvement in theater?

Thomas (pictured right): Having to work with so many adults, I have learned to be more professional.
Benjamin: That it’s okay to be crazy sometimes! And you can meet new friends that have a lot in common with you.

Do you have any advice for aspiring actors?

Thomas: Strive to be your best, be big, and take as many chances as possible.
Benjamin: Keep with your dream! Don’t give up, and never be scared to audition or perform if it’s your dream!

What can the audience learn from DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER AND A FLY?

Thomas: Before deciding what you want, take a step back and look at what you already have.
Benjamin: It’s okay not to have something someone else has… And you can learn about bugs!

Come and learn about bugs and much more when DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER AND A FLY opens this Friday, April 13, at the Marcus Center.

Tickets for DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER AND A FLY start at just $13. For more information, visit

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