The opportunities are many - Just ask the Venable family

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How did you first learn about First Stage? Did you attend a production at the theater? Did your son or daughter want to take a Theater Academy class? Did your children have First Stage come into their classroom with a literacy residency? People are introduced to First Stage in many different ways. Take the Venable family, for instance. They have been engaged with First Stage for over a decade! Read about how Ellen, Bob, Kelly, John, and Will journeyed on their path to First Stage.

The Venable Family,
 2003 Make Believe Ball
(clockwise starting left, John, Bob,
 Kelly, Ellen, and Will)

First introduction, THE MAKE BELIEVE BALL
We first came to the Make Believe Ball as guests of our friends and then attending the Ball became our favorite, annual family tradition. I began volunteering on the Make Believe Ball committee and feel I received more than I contributed, making friends that I wouldn't have met otherwise.

Over the years, my brothers and I attended the Theater Academy and experienced the Academy’s motto of "Life Skills through Stage Skills". It would be hard to imagine studying theatre at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts without my First Stage experience. Perhaps more important than the theater instruction itself was the First Stage environment where I was always supported and treated with kindness. It was a safe place to be creative and grow.
We’ve had season tickets to the family series productions at the Marcus Center for years and enjoy Sunday afternoons of theater. Kelly also had the opportunity to perform in many productions, including a main stage show and performances with the Musical Company Class and Young Company. It was amazing to watch her perform and grow as an actress.

And last but not least, DONOR

The Venable Family today-
Kelly (19), John (16), and Will (age 14)
with Ellen and Bob.

First Stage is an incredible asset to our community. Milwaukee families are fortunate to have access to the amazing main stage performances and groundbreaking instruction for young people of all ages.  It's fun to be part of the growing community of First Stage fans and supporters who believe in the First Stage mission! Most of us are blessed such that we can contribute some amount, yet there are many other meaningful ways to donate to First Stage! Being a season ticket subscriber, attending the Make Believe
Ball, volunteering as an usher, sitting on a committee, or introducing a new family to First Stage – the opportunities are many.

Through the Make Believe Ball, First Stage provided our family with the earliest opportunity to model community involvement to our kids, and to show them how much fun it could be to be a volunteer and a supporter of something you love. Doing what we can to support First Stage has been rewarding for our whole family.

Thank you, First Stage!
The Venable family

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