First Stage announces JACKIE AND ME extended talkbacks

First Stage is looking forward to hosting Dennis “Bose” Biddle and Ron Rabinovitz for extended talk backs following upcoming JACKIE AND ME performances. Not only have both of these men met Jackie Robinson, but they also developed friendships that had profound and lasting effects on them.

Dennis “Bose” Biddle
Saturday, April 20 & Saturday, May 4 (immediately following the 4:00 p.m. performances)
Dennis “Bose” Biddle, retired social worker and former Negro League Baseball player, began his baseball career at age 17 in 1953. Biddle was entered into the Congressional Record as the youngest person to play in the Negro baseball leagues. Biddle’s baseball career ended in 1955 after a leg injury that never fully healed. He went on to receive is B.A. in social work and worked as a social worker for the State of Wisconsin for twenty-four years. He continues to work with underprivileged youth and juvenile offenders.

Join us as Dennis shares stories of his time in the Negro League and how a dinner with Jackie Robinson changed his life. Dennis will also discuss his reaction to the play and provide information about his organization, Yesterday’s Negro League Baseball Players LLC.

Ron Rabinovitz

Saturday, April 27 (following the 7:00 p.m. performance) & Sunday, April 28 (following the 4:00 p.m. performance)
Ron Rabinovitz became a Jackie Robinson fan, thanks to his father, at the early age of seven. He first met his hero at a Milwaukee Braves/Brooklyn Dodgers game in Milwaukee in 1953. Ever since, Jackie and Ron fostered a long time friendship and one-on-one relationship. In 2011, a documentary titled “Letters from Jackie” The Private Thoughts of Jackie Robinson” was produced highlighting their friendship. Ron has shared his amazing story with corporations, businesses and school children throughout America.

Join us as Ron discusses his reaction to the play and the unique friendship he had with Jackie Robinson that spanned decades.

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