Pageant Starts with a Dance Party

by Amanda Corazzi

It’s fun. It’s big. It’s the 80's!

Rehearsals for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever kicked off with the cast and crew Meet and Greet on Tuesday.

“It’s a holiday favorite at this theater. It’s beloved here and we pay respects to that,” Artistic Director Jeff Schaetzke told the group.

Everyone introduced themselves and their characters. Costume designs with 80's themed outfits and hair were passed around to give the young performers a look into what they will be wearing onstage. "For girls, there is We are going to tell you how to wear your hair, and guess what? It wasn't straight," Jeff explained to the group. Set Designer Sarah Hunt-Frank presented the set design and how it will look once completed. 

Sarah Hunt-Frank presents the set design. 
In his big pep talk, Jeff also talked about how this play brings back memories for everyone involved and how it has a great holiday message. It's about relationships with each other, underdogs and not jumping to conclusions about everyone before you see what talents they bring. 

Jeff addresses the whole cast. 
Eloise Field and Hope Stiverson bond over the fact
 that they both are playing Gladys. 
While the cast and crew is working hard to get this production ready, they are ready to have some fun. And there is no better fun than the impromptu 80's dance party that had everyone on their feet. "In the 80's, you danced. Even if you didn't want to," Jeff told everyone. 

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever opens November 29 and runs through December 29 at the Todd Wehr Theater. 

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