Transforming lives through theater – Beck's story

This season, First Stage played a big role in the lives of the Lawrence family. Read below as Kelly shares her story about the impact First Stage has had on her family.

“My son started at First Stage with a Next Steps session after we received the flyer from his special education teacher. I was thrilled to hear about this new program within First Stage's Theater Academy because there are really not many activities for him. My son Beck is eleven years old and in 5th grade at Fairview Elementary in Milwaukee. He is also on the autism spectrum.

We always love the First Stage productions which we have been attending since he was three. We knew there was an Academy but we also knew it wouldn’t work for him. The timing of us learning about Next Steps was perfect because Beck was in third grade and that is the starting age. After his second Next Steps session, one of the instructors suggested that his “next step” be an acting class on Saturday. He did that class and has done several others since then.

First Stage is one of the most positive influences for Beck. 
He is completely accepted and encouraged there. We joke when he starts a new class about who the teacher will be to ease his anxiety. It is a joke because we have learned is doesn’t matter. They are all awesome! They also have older kids intern and help with both Next Steps and other Academy classes. This is great for Beck because it shows him the “next steps” he can take with First Stage as he gets older.

The First Stage cheer has become a part of our building blocks for life. We printed it out to put on his desk at school. It helps him to remember not only the positive reinforcements in the cheer but also the people at First Stage who believe in and encourage him. The cheer goes:  ‘I can’t’ is NOT in my vocabulary, I take risks, I conquer my fears, I am not afraid to lead.

The difference First Stage has made in my life, in my son’s life and in so many others’ lives is priceless and any amount you can give First Stage makes a difference for all of us.

One and two-week Next Steps Summer Academy classes begin August 17! To learn more, CLICK HERE.

First Stage is honored to play a role in the lives of thousands of young people and families, just like the Lawrence family. Whether it’s on stage, in the classroom, or in the audience, people are transformed through the power of theater.

We are less than one month away from the end of our fiscal year and need your help to reach our year-end goal. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution before June 30 so First Stage can continue making a difference in our community.

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