Hello, Fellow!

by Logan Peaslee

We are proud to welcome the first ever members of the Teaching Artist Fellowship—Amy Shu and Ashley Jordan—to the First Stage family!

The Teaching Artist Fellowship is a program that provides teaching and performance experience for an emerging professional interested in working with youth. In the classroom, the fellows will develop curriculum for Academy classes, observe classes as an assistant teacher, teach as a lead teacher, receive mentorship from staff, and facilitate mentorship with students. On stage, the fellows will perform in at least one theater production, serve as understudies throughout the season, and help develop new plays.
Amy Shu (center)
Before moving to Milwaukee to become a First Stage fellow, Amy Shu lived in Southern California. In college, she studied to be an elementary school teacher and had her first experiences in acting. The Teaching Artist Fellowship allows Amy to combine her two passions of teaching and performing.

Ashley Jordan (center)
Ashley Jordan was a member of the First Stage family before she became a fellow. Having been an Academy student, Ashley is excited to recreate her experiences with First Stage for other students. She is also excited to put her training from First Stage to use in the coming year’s productions.

Why did you want to be a Fellow for First Stage?
Amy: I had a desire to bridge my two passions—teaching and performing. First Stage was the place I was sure I could do just that.
Ashley: My interest for the First Stage Fellowship was piqued when I heard about it through one of my mentors, Malkia Stampley. I was so interested in having the opportunity to teach younger students and also to develop my own artistry.
What are you most looking forward to about being a Fellow for First Stage?
Amy: I am most looking forward to the opportunity to perform alongside the students I will be teaching. I haven't performed with children before, and I'm excited to see them in action.
Ashley: The thing I am looking forward to most is helping students defy limitations through expressing who they are and growing in to who they want to become.
What’s one goal you want to be able to look back and say you’ve accomplished during your time as a Fellow at First Stage?
Amy: One goal I want to accomplish is that I will be able to teach my own class and have it run successfully. It is a very straight forward goal, but I have only had experience teaching school curriculum and this will be the first time I get the opportunity to teach acting material. 
Ashley: One goal I want to be able to accomplish is becoming more confident as a performer and artist. I believe the mentorship from the wonderful staff, my friends, and the students will push me to reach my furthest potential.

Watch for more news about our fellows teaching and gaining life skills through stage skills throughout our upcoming season!

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