A Charlie Brown Christmas is full of holiday cheer

Kenady Farwell at the Theater
by Kenady Farwell

I am Kenady Farwell and this is my review of First Stage’s production of A Charlie Brown Christmas. I was excited to see Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the Peanuts gang. I’m a big fan of the cartoons. I saw the talented Schulz Cast.

When I walk into First Stage, a nice lady directed my dad and me to our seats and told us to enjoy the show. We did.

As we got in our seats, the lights dimmed and a person started to talk. He was talking about all the donors to First Stage. After he was done talking, the show started. The classic Charlie Brown music filled the air, and you could see the person playing the piano on stage. It made me feel like I was inside a Peanuts cartoon. It sounded great.

The set was very detailed. In the background, there were trees and little houses. They shredded some plastic bags to make it look like real snow at times during the show. The actors shared this secret during the talkback after the performance. There was fake ice that the cast can skate on, too. I have to give a lot of credit to the costume designer. The costumes were amazing! They looked almost exactly like the movie! Also during the songs, the characters dance just like the movie.

As Charlie Brown and all his friends entered, they were doing the same dancing as they were in the beginning of the movie. After the dance, we first meet the real Charlie Brown. He slid on the ice, and Snoopy was being chaotic. Everyone was laughing. Snoopy is delightful. Charlie got to be the director of the Christmas play. He wanted something new in the show so he decided to get a tree. This tree could not be too big or too small. For some odd reason, he got a small tree. He dragged the tree home, and tried to give the tree some love, but it did not work out. He thought that he killed the tree, but he did not. His friends looked at what he did, and gave the tree a little bit more love. I liked how Charlie Brown and his friends worked together. It was a happy ending but if you want to know how it ends, see it for yourself, I have told you enough.

I would recommend this play to everyone. It was funny and a great way to put you in the holiday mood.

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Thank you Kenady for your review! Kenady is 10 years old and in fourth grade. She applied to be a First Look reviewer because she really enjoys First Stage performances and classes. One of her favorites was U BUG ME!

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Betsy Corry said...

Thanks Kenady!! Your review was great and it put me in the holiday mood!
Betsy Corry, Managing Director, First Stage

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