Kid to Kid Stories - Mia Yiannias

By A.J. Magoon

As Summer Academy goes on, our incredible students are always finding ways to help their peers through Kid to Kid! Students donate money to help others be able to come to Academy. Check out the creative idea Mia Yiannias had for raising some extra funds!

Mia Yiannias is an incoming 7th Grader at Pilgrim Park Middle School in Elmbrook. In school, she likes studying language arts, math, and music; and in her free time, she enjoys singing, playing guitar, and figure skating. In the midst of all of this activity, however, Mia found room for one more thing – raising $220 dollars for Kid to Kid!

The idea started in a class at Mia’s school, where she was tasked with creating an enrichment project. Her idea? A talent show to raise money for her favorite nonprofit, First Stage! After she reached out to First Stage to get information about Kid to Kid, Mia created a flyer and invited everyone. She made sure that her event was inclusive, inviting everyone to attend and even participate! “No one would be judged,” Mia assured, it was “just an opportunity to show off something you love doing.”

On the night of the event, 35 people showed up at the studio Mia’s family had rented for a collection of both serious and silly acts. Even friends who couldn’t be there gave money – all in all, Mia raised $220! 

Mia loves performing, so giving everyone the opportunity to do the same is important to her. “Everyone has a chance,” she said, “I can imagine myself in their shoes and would want kids to help me out, too.” She and her family were blown away by the turnout, and said it really made the community see the importance of supporting students.

While this was the first fundraising event Mia has ever put together, she’s been seen around First Stage before. In addition to seeing First Stage shows for six years, she’s been attending Summer Theater Academy classes at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield for four years now! Mia says this might not be the last community project she does for First Stage, and she’ll definitely be coming back.

“I want to be involved in First Stage as long as possible,” says Mia. “This is what I love!”

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