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Finding Your Place of Joy

Betsy with a group of Theater Academy students
Like most families these days, I am stationed at home, learning a new reality! What does your daily reality look like now? I am sure the rhythms and rituals everyone in your household are completely upended – I know this is certainly true for me and my family. Balancing work, keeping children occupied – much less getting educated – and worrying about an uncertain future are a huge burden and uncharted territory for all of us.
Usually when faced with obstacles, we all look for support and strength through those things that give us joy – getting together with friends, sharing a good meal at our favorite restaurant, shopping or going to our favorite place – like First Stage! So, what do we do when those points of joy are not so available to us?
I have been thinking a lot about this. The joy of our shared experiences – of hearing great stories with a community around us; of seeing our young people find their creative selves; learning new ways to see the world and those around us through a play – all these are seemingly taken away at this time of social distancing. But the more I am away from my incredibly creative colleagues and our amazingly talented and motivated students, the more I realize that the essence of everything that First Stage does to bring joy to families and young people is still there!
We can still share stories! We can still use our creative energy and play! We can still rise to challenges - and we can still find joy. Please let First Stage help you and your family continue to find those points of joy as we can. Go to and find all of the many ways that you can share the joy of a story with your little one, encourage your students to face challenges and acknowledge the success of new talents they may be discovering while at home. There is great joy in all of those little actions.
You are our family. We miss you “in person” but feel your love and support in spirit. And like any family member, we’re here to support each other in a difficult time – and bring a little joy.
Be well all!!

Betsy Corry
Managing Director

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