From Director Jeff Frank: TINKER BELL

In the fall of 2010, First Stage premiered the TYA adaptation of Doug Rand’s PETER PAN AND WENDY – a production not without risk. Could we tell that story in the Todd Wehr Theater? How were we going to have Peter and the others fly in a theater with no flyspace?

We took inspiration from Japanese theater techniques, using kokens (actors who set elements, props, puppets, and even other actors to bring moments to life) to lift our actors and create not just the illusion of flight – but a magical life to the entire show and were so gratified when our audiences embraced our efforts. Taking this leap launched a journey into the world of physical theater that continues to this day.

Whether it was Rudolph taking flight, a flying car in CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, a ski chase in NANCY DREW, folk art inspired puppetry of THE SNOW, or the shadow puppetry of LOVABYE DRAGON – our design and production teams have helped us craft a style of theater that asks the audience to journey with us – that invites them to lean forward, look deeply, invest, use their imaginations, and believe. This is the theater that I find exciting and rewarding.

And now, nine years later, TINKER BELL has provided us an opportunity to put all of our skills together to illuminate Tink’s take on this classic story – puppetry, koken work, transformative set elements. We remain dedicated to reaching for new heights, and we thank you for your support and faith. Here’s to believing in fairies, magic, hope, light, friendship and the power of a well-crafted story, which reminds us of the limitless possibilities of ourselves and our world.

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