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By young performer John Filmanowicz who plays Wilbur

I play Wibur in the Terrific cast. I have been in plays before but have never had the excitement of playing an animal. It’s very fun to always be thinking about what I would do if I were a pig in this situation. I also love my costume in CHARLOTTE'S WEB; it’s all pink like a pig and I have a curly tail. I even have to get a crew cut for my hair! That will be a little scary, but I’ll be able to do it.

Thank goodness I have knee-pads because I am on my knees the whole show, and they get a little sore. It’s all worth it though, because this is an awesome show. Xan (the director) is doing an amazing job piecing the show together, and it’s turning out great. I love how everyone has their own special movements for their own animal characters.

Rehearsal is going great too. We’re making great time and the first act is looking really good. We hope to be able to do a full run through of the show soon. I am having a very fun time doing this show, and it is a great challenge to be funny while being emotional. This is a great show for anyone who’s familiar with the story or not. It has an excellent mix of comedy and emotion that will keep anybody entertained.

Photo taken by John Deighton Hemingway: young performer John Filmanowicz as Wilbur

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