WITNESS: meet and greet

4:42 PM
By marketing manager Elizabeth Krumnow

We just got out of the meet and greet session with the cast and crew of WITNESS and I have to say I can't wait for this production.

This play is about a Vermont town back in the 1920's that has to deal with the hatred of the Ku Klux Klan and how it is the responsibility of all of us to stand up for what is right and bear witness.

To quote the director, John Maclay "by the time this play opens, the United States will have inaugurated its first African American president. We have come a long way as a nation, but I hope our production reminds us that we all, both as individuals and as a nation, are forever a work in progress."

This production is an important play for people of all ages to see because it will surely test the limits of your own beliefs.


Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Gena Davis and I am part of the Witness cast. I thought the meet and greet went great, and I met my counter-part and reunited with my friends who are also in this show. I think this show will be magnificant and very moving. Leanora is a very powerful character in this play. I hope whomever is reading this gets to come and see us perform, because we are doing very well in our rehearsals(so far!) and we are loving the experiance! Witness is an awesome play, and inspires young people to do the right thing. So kudos to John McClay and Jeff Frank for picking this show, because I think this is a very fun cast and performance to have!

First Stage Children's Theater said...


Thanks for leaving a comment, it what nice to meet you as well. As a First Stage staff member, the meet and greets are always fun because we get to learn so much about the play and we get to meet the creative forces behind it!

Best of luck with rehearsal!!!

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