WITNESS: Wearing a Wig

12:43 PM
By young performer Gena Davis who plays a girl ensemble in the Hope cast in WITNESS

Even as a girl ensemble, it is still a big part in this play. It is a very powerful play and no one in this play has a small part. The importance of everyone's characters become more clear as the play goes on. My costume is not shared with my counterpart, because she is very tall, and I am short! My dress is purple with lilacs all over it. My shoes look like the tips of stiletto heels, and they are sandals. I have to wear socks with them.

I also have to wear a wig, but I don't know what it looks like yet. To fit my head for the wig, they had to put my hair in a net that had a hole in the back. Then they pulled my hair through the back of the net, but just enough so my forehead, top and bottom of my head were covered with the net. Then they put the ponytail they had just taken out of the net back in and they spread out my hair. Then they wrapped saran wrap around my head to make a "mold" of my head.

They used A LOT of tape to keep the mold of my head! After the tape went on, the cutter/draper Melissa Benson took a sharpie and traced my hairline all around my head. Then she carefully took off the "molding" of my head.

All in all, it was long, but fun to watch!

I think WITNESS will be outstanding, amazing and awesome! Please come and see us!

(Photo: Costume renderings for the girl ensemble by Pamela J. Rehberg)

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