WITNESS: Wig fitting

10:16 AM
Here's First Stage Wig Designer Erica Kollatz doing her final wig fitting with young performer Gena Davis who is in the Hope cast of WITNESS

Before the wig fitting:
Erica is showing Gena how to put the band in and pull her hair back (below)

Now Erica is pinning parts of Gena's hair by her hairline so that the pins have something tight to pin to (below)

The hair net has holes in it for the wig to be securely pinned to Gena's hair (below)

Erica has to tuck Gena's long hair in (below)

Time for the wig (below)

Erica has a few more pins to put in place (below)

Still some more pins to make it fit perfectly (below)

Now the wig is on securely and it fits just right (below)

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