HOW I BECAME A PIRATE: developing the play

10:27 AM
By young performer Kelley Annesley who plays Steve in the Bucko cast

The first time I was introduced to HOW I BECAME A PIRATE was last summer when I was a part of the workshop. Nearly a year later, I really can’t believe that it has all become reality. When we first saw the stage, it hit me that we were about to bring HOW I BECAME A PIRATE to life in front of an audience. Lots of things have changed since the workshop - lots and lots of added lines, added bits and even an added song. With an extremely talented cast of adults and young performers, the show has become more enjoyable, more lively and more "pirate-y."

The best part about the show is how much fun performances will be. I can’t wait to spend several days every week running around on an amazing pirate ship, singing, dancing and, most importantly, talking like a pirate. Dressing like a pirate - complete with face dirt and brown teeth - isn’t too bad either. All in all, from a thick binder of sheet music to a recording on a CD to a finished, hilarious pirate musical has been an impressive feat!


cg said...

any chance of a pirate script for a community project for children?

First Stage Children's Theater said...

Send an email to and they'll send your question on to the appropriate person.

Thanks for your interest in First Stage!

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