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By young performer Mitchell Bultman who plays Land Ho in the Bucko Cast in HOW I BECAME A PIRATE

We’ve been rehearsing for HOW I BECAME A PIRATE for three weeks and we’re almost ready for opening night, April 17. Being in the cast is fun - we act, we sing, we dance, we laugh. John Maclay is a fun director. He lets the actors include some of their own interpretations. I like working with the adult actors, especially Todd Denning (who plays Braid Beard). Todd is just like one of the young performers and he jokes around a lot and he is a very talented actor. The show has a lot of funny parts. It takes a modern twist on pirates. Did you know pirates play PlayStation, have computers and eat Pop Tarts!?

I like the message of the play, too – it’s fun to get away and have fun every once in a while but it’s really good to go home. The costumes are cool, but itchy. The stage is amazing and really fun to ‘play’ on. It makes you feel like you’re not on a stage but out in the ocean on a ship. I really appreciate all of the work that goes into a show. There is a lot more to the performance than just the actors. All of the behind the scenes people make the show really great – costumes, props, lighting, stage managers, sound designer and any other people that I forgot to mention. So come to see HOW I BECAME A PIRATE. It’s really great and fun for all ages. Arrrgh!

Photo by John Deighton Hemingway: Todd Denning as Braid Beard


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mitch, and the Pirate cast! Mom and Dad are very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Shiver me timbers! I think I know this pirate from CK. Congratulations on a successful opening night and good luck for the rest of the shows.

Fans from Tosa - on the WEST side of the sea.

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