My Thoughts about Junie B. Jones

1:58 PM
By Mari Duckler, First Stage Children's Theater Young Performer

Wow! Out of week one of rehearsals and into week two! Time is flying and I am too into the world and age of Junie B. Jones! As I look at the pink toilet and the green, pink, and purple bed (which I dream to have) I wonder how I am going to pull this role off. But then I remember the relationship Junie and Grandpa Miller have and it leads me to thinking about my own grandpa. Just like Junie I am very close with my grandpa. When I was five, I would always call him when my mother was "a crank." We would talk about why I was mad and when it was all over we would make up new imaginary friends to play with when he and my grandma came in to visit. My other grandpa unfortunately wasn't around when I was born but I have a step-grandpa who supports me and really influenced me to sing and have a dream. When I was five my mom was going to have a baby just like Junie is going through so I can definitely relate to her. I think her relationship with her grandpa is so important because he is the only one that really understands her and is not obsessed with the baby. I remember trying to find that person and I also chose my grandpa. I think Junie and I both love our grandpas and they really affect our lives.

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