"I'm Nicer than That Grace!"

12:37 PM
By Danielle McKnight, First Stage Children's Theater Young Performer

It feels like my cast is already like my family! We all are good friends that get along, unlike some of the characters in the show. My relationship with Mari (Junie B Jones) and Taylor Ann (Lucille) is better (WAY better) than That Grace has with her characters.

I love playing a 5 year old who acts a lot like me. When I was 5, I would come home from school and when my mom asked me what happened at school, if you think I said "good," "fine," or "bad" then you're wrong. I said "ACORN!"

I think if Junie B. decided to give me a name, she would call me something like Funny Bunny Danielle or Silly Willy Dani! I think Junie B. rhymes a lot, which just makes her even MORE hilarious! Junie B says what everyone wishes they could say!

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