Photo album of walk-on guests on stage at Pageant!

2:44 PM
Pulling audience members on stage is a tricky business but actress Molly Rhode, playing Mrs. Edna McCarthy, handles it with aplomb.  Dave Letterman could learn a little from Molly's balanced approach to calming the guest while still cajoling them about their public persona.

Here are photos from the past performances:
Milwaukee Buck Charlie Bell and Fox 6 anchor Jen Lada

Olympic speed skater Dave Tamburrino and daughter Cate

Murphy and Meg of my95.7 FM

Doug Russell, WSSP Sports Radio

John Koss, Sr. presents a pair of KOSS headphones circa 1985 to "Teddy"

First Stage's Katie Doral and Mel Benson jingle their jangles.

Mikel Holt of WTMJ4 admires Mrs. McCarthy's headband and leggings.

WSSP's Mike Wickett jingles his jangle and looks great doing it!

UPAF President Cristy Garcia-Thomas and daughter Jayda talk about Christmas cookies.  

WISN Channel 12 news anchor Terry Sater prepares to 'feel the burn'.

KOSS Corporation's John Koss, Jr. and John Koss, Sr. don't even break a sweat!

First Stage board member and media personality Amy Taylor Diamond 
and her daughters Chloe and Tess take a 'cleansing breath.'

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