12:04 PM
Thank you for attending our production of THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER. We value your feedback and would like to hear what you thought of the show.

Here are some comments we have received:

From a subscriber: "We truly enjoyed the performance tonight - the surprise visit from Bonnie Blair was really a treat!!!!! We love coming to the shows; everything is so well-done."

From a parent: "Absolutely LOVED the show! We had, like, a totally, like awesome time!"

From a fan who remembers the eighties well: "When I saw Grace Bradley (actress Mary McDonald Kerr) in church, wearing that floral dress, I was brought back to my wedding day in 1987, when my wife-to-be wore a Liz Claiborne dress exactly like that. The costumes were so authentic!"

From a subscriber:  "We loved the play!  It had been many, many years since I last saw it and my husband and daughters had never seen it before.  I laughed a lot and I was moved to tears.  Now my girls are looking forward to seeing it again next week when their whole school goes to a performance.  We are so glad to have First Stage here!"


sails35 said...

One of the best holiday experiences our family has ever had! The show is not only very humorous, but amazingly touching near the end. Great job, First Stage!

Anonymous said...

We thought the show was great. It has been awhile since we thought of the 80's. We return for the other cast.

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