IMHO Challenge #1

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In an age of screens and texts, it's harder and harder for businesses to maintain meaningful relationships with customers. First Stage Children's Theater accepts that many of our communication with parents, children, teachers, and volunteers is through the internet.  But these are one-way conversations.  In an effort to engage you, our audience, in two-way conversations, we are launching a series of challenges. We want you to do more than scroll through our posts or browse our website.  We want you to tell us what you think.  Often.  And while we prefer to talk with you face-to-face, the reality is that sometimes it's easier to let your fingers do the talking.

We will be asking you to respond to questions.  Some of these questions will be whimsical and fun, as a way to create a community.  Some of these questions will lead our decision-making and help us evolve our company.  This post will be called In My Humble Opinion or IMHO for short. 

Oh.  One last item.  We will be rewarding you when you talk to us.  In a variety of ways!  Because who doesn't love free stuff?!

IMHO Challenge #1

Today we are opening THE THIEF LORD.  This is a world-premiere staging of Cornelia Funke's popular novel of the same title.  The story takes place in Venice and we strived to create a set that transports the audience 4700 miles to Italy.  It's our version of a 90-minute trans-Atlantic flight for kids. 

Which leads to our IMHO Question #1.  Would you take children to Venice?  Why or why not?  Best answer gets 2 tickets to THE THIEF LORD.

Photo of Guardian Angel cast members in the First Stage production of THE THIEF LORD by Mark Frohna


Julie Johnson said...

Of course! After reading the book our children asked if the story was real. After explaining that it is real in your imagination, how better to really experience the book and the setting than by actually traveling there.

Mary Atwood said...

Not a dull moment, actors were great, set is terrific, good opportunity for parents to discuss the homeless, why stealing is wrong and why caring about siblings is so important

Bart said...

There are so many reasons to take my children to Italy. Besides my mothers side of the family being from Italy my reasons would be the history, the churches, the art, the way of life, the food and the passion for life itself. It would be educational and life changing! Always look for opportunities to educate your children.

Ace said...

I'd take my kids, but Dad would have to come too! I think it is always great for kids to see how other families live.

Heather said...

Absolutely! I did take my children to Italy and we spent a day in Venice. I would take them back in a heartbeat! Italy is a country like no other. As Americans, we caught up in a daily routine that is not found in Italy, especially Venice.

Venice is almost mystical! While walking through the streets of Venice, you can't help but wonder who roamed those streets hundreds of years before. While you can sense the wealth of the city, the people who live there live for the moment. They enjoy their family, friends and community. While it is a big city, no doubt a tourist destination. It is also home to a community of people who love their city. They are bound by being part of something that most of us will never understand. A city that is the centerpiece for beautiful stories in literature as well as the romantic fantasies of people all over the world.

The city provides an education that cannot be attained in America, or any other city in the world. It is city built on water. A city on the brink of extinction in many ways because it is falling into the sea. We do not know if this is a city that will be part of our world history forever. When one gets a chance, yes take your child to Venice. They will remember forever, as well as the parents. It will leave a mark on you that won't soon be forgotten.

cheryl_schlick said...

In a heartbeat! My parents took me when I was in highschool and I'd love to do the same for my boys. said...

Travel, wrote Mark Twain, "is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."
Maya Angelou builds on Twain's sentiment, saying: "perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends."

Specifically about Venice, Lord Byron wrote that it is the "pleasant place of all festivity, the revel of the earth, the masque of Italy."

Absolutely would I take children to visit Venice... because it is a place where one CANALways discover perspective from the intrinsic value of travel while simultaneously unmasking the unique and magical mysteries of Italy.

4gusts said...

I LOVE taking my kids here...they really enjoy themselves every time we go!

Anonymous said...

Not only would I take my daughter to Venice, I already have. In 2006, we spent 18 days traveling in Italy, including a day trip to Venice.

Wonderful sites, sounds and tastes. We were in the belltower at San Marco when the bells went off. Talk about loud!

Our favorite experiences (besides all the wonderful shops to be found) were traveling some of the back alleys and getting a glimpse into everyday Italian life, away from all the touristy stuff and an idyllic luncheon.

The restaurant looked like a little hole in the wall, but out the back door was a cozy veranda with a vine-covered pergola to shade the diners. A wonderful lunch, followed by a bowl of cherries picked that morning outside Verona. Divine!

Patrick Weeks ( said...

Perhaps this won't qualify as it doesn't refer directly to the "Thief Lord" (actually I just fit it in there), but I would take my kids to Venice because it is one of those cities where time stands still. Like Quebec City, you can walk downtown and feel like you are 100+ years in the past, and also because some great Shakepearean plays were set in Venice and my daughter would truly appreciate visiting those scenes in mind AND body.

First Stage Children's Theater said...

Thank you for all the wonderful posts. Susanklingman wins 2 tickets to THE THIEF LORD for her erudite entry!

Another IMHO Challenge coming soon!

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