In the Green Room with Tyler Johnson

2:13 PM
Photo of First Stage Young Performer Tyler Johnson by Mithra Ballesteros

Tyler Johnson admits he was freaked out.  "It was tech week and we were practising the chase.  I was scared!  My eyes were wide open!  Jeff, the director, said that was good."  Tyler portrays 'Bo', a young runaway seeking safety and adventure in Venice in the current First Stage production of THE THIEF LORD.  As an eight-year-old with an active imagination, Tyler exists in a world where the line between reality and fantasy is blurry.  The young actor says, "Imaginary stuff can seem real.  If you want it to be real, you have to believe."  His words echo those of his character, 'Bo', who patiently explains that "sometimes magic just works, silly.  You can't explain it."  When asked why adults lose the ability to believe in the unbelievable, Tyler shrugs.  "It's like Mr. Pauls, my old principal who moved away.  He needs to see this show because he is pretty serious and I'm not sure he has an imagination."

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