Conversation Between Two Sixth-graders

11:27 AM
By Mithra Ballesteros
House Manager Michael Warren holds open the door for students from St. Anthony School.  But before the fidgety mass of bodies can move forward, he clears his throat and announces, "Boys and girls, I need your attention please. I’m going to tell you how you will enter the building and take your seats. You are expected to form one straight, single-file line. You are expected to enter quietly and listen to the ushers instructions in the theater."

It should come as no surprise that the children follow Mr. Warren's instructions.  He has an air of authority coupled with a wry wit and a hearty laugh.  As a member of the First Stage Theater Company who is  frequently face-to-face with young audience members, he knows kids and he enjoys watching their responses to the drama that unfolds on stage.  Last Thursday, Mr Warren overheard this conversation between two sixth graders as they exited the Todd Wehr Theater after a matinee production of THE THIEF LORD last Thursday afternoon:
“So, what did you think of the show?"
"Oh I loved it!”
 “Really? Have you read the book?”
 “No, I keep meaning to. How about you?”
 “No. I really ought to get around to it.”
 “Me, too.When is our book report due?”
“I don’t know. Monday, maybe?”
Today is Monday!  Mr. Warren hopes that those two sixth-graders were studious over the weekend!

House Manager Michael Warren crouches down to greet young theater goers.
Photo by Mithra Ballesteros, First Stage Children's Theater

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