Letter from Doug Rand, playwright of PETER PAN AND WENDY

9:36 AM

Dear Jeff and Desi,

Dafna and I had a profoundly wonderful experience at First Stage this past Saturday, and wanted to thank you and everyone involved in bringing "Peter Pan and Wendy" to life. It was such a thrill and a privilege to sit in the audience among so many expectant children, listening to how they engaged with the play -- and how their parents responded in so many different ways.

I knew that we should expect top-notch production values, but I was still blown away by the unfettered creativity on display, from the steampunk pirates to the spectacularly ominous crocodile. What I didn't know going in is that First Stage has a tradition of age-appropriate casting -- and now that I've experienced it, I can only ask: Why doesn't everyone else do this? I've got to imagine that this is how Barrie would have wanted the story to be experienced -- from a child's perspective, with young kids heedlessly doing battle against mysterious grownup enemies, not really grasping the danger at the bottom of all the excitement.

I've also got to imagine that pulling this off is a monumental directing accomplishment -- not only do you have to craft professional-caliber performances from kids younger than 10, but you have to do it twice! (I only wish that we could have seen the other cast work their magic -- please convey our regrets!)

Dafna and I felt truly welcomed by Desi and everyone else at First Stage, and we're tremendously grateful for the whole experience. I hope that we cross paths again soon!

Thanks again,

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