Pirate and Fairy Party at First Stage!

4:44 PM
By Mithra Ballesteros, First Stage Children's Theater

Jennifer (above) and Charlie (below), posing with the "Light" cast, after being awarded prizes.
This Friday night, First Stage celebrated Halloween by inviting all children attending PETER PAN AND WENDY to come in costume.  As a result, there were more pirates and fairies in the audience than on stage.  Like wearing a favorite player's jersey to a ball game, it seems natural to offer kids in the audience the opportunity to dress as their favorite characters on stage.  Why don't we do this every night?!

We don't have a doorbell but it felt like an early trick or treat here, with House Manager Michael Warren greeting each child at the door with a little yummy treat.  Most kiddies also received beads, balls, eye patches, or buttons.  Two children, Jennifer and Charlie, were singled out for grand prizes, which Mr. Warren presented at the close of the performance. 


We had so much fun, we've decided to throw another party in December for MY SON PINOCCHIO.   So don't pack away your costumes yet!  An invite from the Blue Fairy is coming soon!

Photos by Michael Warren, First Stage Children's Theater

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