UPDATED - Shave it or Save it!

A pensive Paul Gagne sits and contemplates a twist on a traditional Kid2Kid Fundraising Campaign.  Paul has volunteered his golden locks to meet the razor if the Academy students at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center in Brookfield manage to raise $300 by Wednesday, July 27.  However, in an unprecedented turn of events, a second campaign was launched by the Academy students who really don’t want to see the popular Improv Teacher’s hair hit the floor.  So now there are two donation boxes out during lunch “Shave Paul’s Head” and “Save Paul’s Head”.  Tyne Turner, SLW Headmaster, decreed that the amount needed to be raised to keep Paul from the clippers would be $100 since the campaign has had a third less time to raise awareness. 
We’ll see what happens!

UPDATEThe "Shave It" camp won.  Paul is now without his signature tresses and is thrilled about his new style. 
(or is he!?)

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