Join Jeff Frank and the First Stage Spartans!

I Can't Is Not In My Vocabulary!
I Take Risks!
I Conquer My Fears!

I Am Not Afraid to Lead!

Jeff Frank in the Reebok Spartan Beast Race
This is the First Stage Theater Academy cheer, and they are words that Artistic Director Jeff Frank strives to live by everyday – at work and at play.  When Jeff began participating in obstacle course racing three years ago, he discovered parallels between his two unrelated passions - Obstacle Course Racing and theater. “I love the fact that as a race progresses, you have no idea what you will encounter next, you deal with each step, each obstacle in the moment and find a way to conquer all the little battles along the way.” Jeff often draws on the First Stage cheer when tackling tough obstacles.  

This fall Jeff will combine his two passions in an effort to raise funds for First Stage while taking on the mother of all Spartan Races, the Vermont Beast on September 20, 2014. 

The First Stage Spartan Team has been created!
You can join Jeff and support the First Stage Theater Academy Scholarship Fund in three ways:
  • DONATE in support of Jeff’s effort to take on the Vermont Spartan Beast on September 20. This is the mother of all Spartan Races – 13+ miles, 35 obstacles, up and down the ski slopes of Killington, VT. Visit the the First Stage Crowdrise page, CLICK HERE.
  • RUN with Jeff at the Chicago Spartan Super on September. 27 or the Miller Park Spartan Sprint on November. 1 (Sign up at, then join the First Stage Spartan Team and start your own fundraising effort through Crowdrise for First Stage, CLICK HERE.
  • JOIN the First Stage Spartan Team and start your own fundraising effort for the team by pledging to do 20 Burpees a day for 20 days starting on Sept. 1 and concluding with Jeff’s Vermont race day on Sept. 20. Visit the the First Stage Crowdrise page, CLICK HERE
As a member of the First Stage Spartan Team you are committing to TAKING A RISK and CONQUERING YOUR FEARS because I CAN'T IS NOT IN OUR VOCABULARY! Funds raised by the team will go toward financial assistance for those young people who wish to take Academy classes building "life skills through stage skills."

Please join us in making a difference and help us inspire young people to know that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and commit to the effort required.

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