First Look Review: Robin Hood

by Zach Bertram

I saw Robin Hood at First Stage and thought it was an outstanding play. It was the funniest play that I have ever seen. The props were well chosen to give the feeling that it was the medieval times. When they changed scenes you could tell which one was in a castle and which one was in the forest. The set was trees; the trees looked very realistic and they were 3DEven though their costumes were made recently, they looked as if they were from long ago. The entire play looked like it could've been from the medieval days.

The play was very easy to understand. One of the characters was an entertainer that 
explained the play very well either through song or just talking to the audience. If you wanted to see this play and understand it you wouldn’t need to read a book on it because it was very well explained.

The play used some old English but not too much. There was a great mix of old English 
and sayings from today. At one point I heard them say BURNNNNN. Now clearly this is a phrase from today and not from the medieval times. Many times this type of humor 
caused the actors/actresses to have to wait so the audience could quiet down. When they showed the bad guys (Sir Malcom, Sheriff, Bishop, and Guards) the Bishop kept our interest with his very funny voice. In the play there were also life lessons. This play is so funny that every other line you would be laughing.

One of the scenes was a flashback telling the story how Robin Hood met little John. In this flash back the action was amazing and Robin Hood showed his athleticism by doing a flip. They used real steel swords which made for good action scenes and great sounds from the banging swords. I have never seen a play with such great action and so much humor.

In conclusion, I think you should go and watch this play because it is very funny, easy to Understand, and has great action.

ROBIN HOOD is showing through March 12 at the Marcus Center’s Todd Wehr Theater.

Twelve year-old Zach is an avid theater-goer and enthusiast. He is interested in getting more involved with theater in the future. When Zach was younger he would try to rewrite plays he had seen to make them better. Thank you Zach for your review of ROBIN HOOD!

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